What Our Clients Are Saying:

Website Design

46.1% of people say a website’s design is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of a company. Our Design Team is focused on creating credibility through websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and optimally organized. Our custom websites utilize all features of your online marketing system that will differentiate your practice and maximize traffic. Our easy to navigate sites not only draw patients in but we ensure the user experience is enjoyable.

Search Engine Optimization

In the digital world, SEO is the bedrock of your online presence. Without a well-developed SEO strategy, patients seeking your services will instead be led to your competitors. Google’s algorithm is comprised of over 200 ranking factors, each of which contributes to the relevance and visibility of your site. At Precision, we combine targeted content, advanced research, and detailed analytics to ensure your continued success in ranking and visibility.

Social Media Marketing

People trust their friends and their opinions. At Precision we leverage the power of social media as an online word of mouth network. We use social media as a channel for cultivating meaningful relationships with our audiences and communicating with potential patients through a network of systems which they are familiar and comfortable with. Our social media approach involves consumer research that engages influencers through targeted and meaningful content, as well as a collaborative focus on SEO. We are not interested in simply providing visibility, we are here to help your practice grow.

Video Marketing

Over 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. At Precision we take full advantage of the compelling nature of visual representation through our detailed video marketing strategy. Effective video marketing can not only engage your audience, but provide depth and credibility to your practice. Businesses that incorporate videos into their marketing strategies see higher engagement and conversion rates. Our strategy includes showcasing our clients and their respective practices via practice stories, patient testimonials, and case study videos that educate the audience and increase relatability by allowing the physician to speak directly to their audience.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool in strengthening and maintaining relationships with your patients. It gives your practice the opportunity to stay connected and encourages increased involvement through valuable information and updates. At Precision, our content specialists design regularly scheduled newsletters to keep patients informed about the latest news, promotions, or techniques from your office. Stay connected with your patients by letting them know that your care and communication doesn’t stop when the healing does.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is critical in today’s competitive online environment. With data showing 74% of consumers choosing companies based on online reviews you can’t afford to ignore your online reputation. At Precision we manage your positive AND negative reviews. We provide market stability by protecting your practice against unchecked defamation using a strategy involving constant oversight of your online identity, search engine optimization, and the development of a strong social media presence. Building your brand and online reputation is our highest priority, let us help you put your best foot forward in the online world.

Mobile Applications

Along with the rise of smartphones and social media platforms being used in healthcare, mobile capability and mobile applications have become necessary tools for the medical community. Market projections show mobile searches exceeding desktop searches (by more than a billion) for the first time ever in 2015. At Precision, we build all of our websites with mobile capability, optimized for mobile use and apps downloadable from the app store or Google marketplace. Don’t let your practice fall behind, let us bring your website into the mobile future.

Business Consulting

From Billing to Marketing to Operations, physicians are always looking to improve the business aspects of their practices. Relying on a team of industry insiders, we can help provide efficiency, simplicity and profitability.